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5 Smart Tips to Get Your Home Ready For Fall

1. Get a New Doormat!

Over the Fall and Winter, dirt and dust get tracked into your home and make it dirtier. Get a new doormat so that dirt stays outside!

2. Boot tray

Rest your wet and dirty boots or shoes on a boot tray and help save the floor from clutter and stains

3. Stock Up on Blankets

Before you switch on your heating for the year, stock up on warm blankets, and keep them handy throughout your home. They can help keep you cozy even when the heating is on!

4. Switch to Flannel Sheets

When the days and nights start to cool down, you can make your bedroom even cozier with the addition of flannel sheets. They'll keep you warmer at night when the temperatures start to drop!

5. Hang Heavy Curtains

New curtains don't just give your room an instant update; they can also help keep your home warmer during the cooler months! Just be sure to keep them open on sunny days.

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