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Trend report for 2019/20

Here are some of the trends that are expected to enter our interiors during the coming year.

Colour Trends for 2019/20

"Living Coral" was chosen by the Pantone Colour Institute as the colour of the year for 2019.

image source: Pantone

Maybe this hue was chosen because of its vibrant and optimistic hue or perhaps to increase our awareness about the state of the oceans, this colour is fresh, modern and joyful. Natural origin of the "Living coral" proves that nature is the greatest source of inspiration and by taking inspiration from nature we can assume further natural combination of colours that would work perfectly with the "Living Coral"

Another amazing color that is already on everyone lips and is equally vibrant is "Neo Mint" it can be great natural combination with Coral, vibrant and joyful in itself and can be spotted in nature aside with living corals in the ocean.

image source: pinterest

image source: pinterest

Following the chosen coral color, I have decided to explore other colors that would match the Pantone 2019, those colors, I am sure will be in the headlines during 2019 or even be the top color trends for 2020.

Flowing the aquatic theme the best combinations for coral in nature are : Aquamarine, Mellow Yellow and Cantaloupe.

image source: pinterest

Interior Design Trends 2019/20

NORDIC ZEN or Scandinese

Scandinavian designs fussed with the traditional elegance of Japanese styles. This elegant and minimalistic mix of two styles: Scandinavian and traditional Japanese, both those styles contain restricted minimalism with some statement pieces, the Japanese style adds deeper wooden and stone textures, airy spaces and combination of nature indoors in form of biophilic design, while the Nordic style brings rustic and softer side to this fusion .

image source: pinterest


For the rebels and the bold, patterned sofas are back to dare us to find them a place in our living room.

It seems that this trend is constantly crawling on us, waiting for us to let our guard down and the moment we are too busy with greenery and wallpaper there they are, bold retro patterns on classic tuxedo couch.

image source: kelly wearstler


Along with the increasing trends of back to the past handicrafts and the search for new recycled materials , our society is growing older and shows interest in the material and in the making process.

image source : Toni Packham

image source : Toni Packham

image source: Angela Damman

image source: Angela Damman


Nothing says luxury as loud as natural stone slab on a wall or gorgeous tiles combinations. As accent wall , in the bathroom or as illuminated piece of art the natural stone has been here for centuries, we are nostalgic for nature and what can be more natural and luxurious than the unrepeatable patterns of natural stones stones.

image source: kelly wearstler

image source: pinterest


Our need of nature is widely explained in the theory of Biophilic design, our need to connect to nature was proven and we need nature not only in our work place we need it in our apartments, away from the forests and the field we long for the nature. Plants have taken their place in our urban lives and the more the merrier!

image source:

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