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Easy Ways To Brighten Home Rent Prospects

One way to shine in a competitive housing market is to create a good first impression.

According to home-renting experts, some quick tips for speeding up this process include burning candles during open houses, filling the home with the aroma of fresh-baked cookies or invest a bit in making your entrance door unforgettable by adding some side panels , luxurious handle and apartment number or impressive greenery pot in the front door.

By investing several thousand BGN in new kitchen countertops or a bathroom refreshment will give the home a whole new look and that you will most likely recoup your entire investment, if not more. By changing the faucet and shower, adding different curtain rod and clean bright shower curtain you can literally change the look of your entire bathroom ! Add some shelving and storage and contemporary decorative items to appeal to the younger families who need more storage space and more aware of the aesthetics. To complete the look change the handles of cupboards to make it all work. And if your floor is from the previous decade cover it with nice textured bathroom rug to add that extra chic!

Change the textile

Another easily done, and low cost encasement is window treatments , long clean curtains can make the windows look grand and the ceiling higher.

Keep in in natural color scheme with light tulle , chiffon or roman blind inner layer to brighten up the room yet to hide unwanted looks and a more dense curtain to keep the light away completely when needed and to add vertical lines to draw the eye and make the room feeling grand.

A quick fix can make a significant difference but you don't have to spend a fortune.

An inexpensive yet effective way to increase a home's curb appeal while adding value for its next owner: Add dimmers in key rooms of the home. The technology today allows to change the switches to smart and dimmable without the need in neutral wire.

Dimmers can improve the mood in large and small homes. Cramped for space? A dimmer turns a family room into a home theater, a homework station and a workout room, while an eat-in kitchen can be transformed into a romantic dinner-for-two paradise, just by adjusting the lights.

Want to really be a standout in your market? Add a wireless, whole-home lighting control system that lets you turn lights on and off from the car, your bed, the patio or any room of the home. This type of system significantly increases home value while providing added safety benefits, such as tying in with a security system.

Dimmers are available nationwide at home improvement centers and lighting showrooms.

*images source : Pinterest

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