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5 ways to make those supermarket flowers look luxurious.

1. Separate them into different arrangements.One variety of flower has a stronger, more luxurious look than several mixed varieties. So use one type of flowers or make one color arrangement, it will look elegant and sophisticated.

2. The vase makes a big difference. Use a special vase or place the flowers in "unexpected" vases, like tea cups or gorgeous golden cylinders.

Sometimes sophisticated vessel solution can take your simple arrangement a long way.

3. You can actually toss the stems.

Floating flowers in a beautiful bowl will make an elegant addition to any table.

That is a great luxurious look for any event, add some floating candles to it and you can have amazing piece for your romantic dinner or valentines date.

4. Try a line-up of bud vases.

"Line up simple bud vases filled with single stems down a dining room table. The look is very clean and sophisticated and is a great, chic way to stretch a bouquet."

5. Use a leaf to fill in the vase.

Steal this fun trick, use a large leaf inside the vase to make it look more designed.

The most important advise is to use your imagination, don't think out of the box, think as if there is no box.

XOXO Helen

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