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Making a gallery wall

Who doesn’t want to have his family photos displayed, we love to watch our loved ones faces ,to dwell on those memories, to miss someone who is no longer with us.

But sometimes walking into a friends or clients home I get the feeling of outdated wall filled with color photos in different frames from different times. We often loose the feeling of gallery and get the feeling of granny home (no fence to all the grannies out there) but we can do it so much better.

First of all, remove all the photos, take them out carefully if you don’t gave copies then make some and store the originals in a safe for me there is nothing more important than those memories, they are irreplaceable so keep them safe.

Make a BW copies, most of the photos look much more stylish in BW you may also consider enlarging some (you may discover that those old photos look completely new to you ones they are printed in black and white and enlarged).

The next step is to "normalize" the frames, make them all in the same color if you don't wish to spent too much money just buy a paint spray and paint them all.

Now arrange them all as gallery in the following manner.

Don't overdo it, it is best to find more gallery walls then to make entire wall covered with photos. No one has the patience to go through all your photos.

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